A pebble and a sling

This morning I was hit with a pretty amazing truth through the words of David Welch, speaking on one of Kehnley's favorite stories "David and Goliath"  its easy to get lost in the analogy of this story with "facing the giants" if you will, in our own life.  But never so plainly did God use this story to remind me that I am a very small, weak, underwhelming runt in need of miraculous power through faith in a BIG God  to overcome some obstacles.  I never thought about little David running at this Giant Goliath with such force and determination grabbing his river stones, filling his sling...fearless: in the face of insults, in the face of doubt from those who should have encouraged him, in the face of all natural law, in the face of his past and possibly his future.  All the the name of "the Lord of Hosts"  the God who commands an army of angels.  The God who raises the dead.  The God who uses our little tools, to do great things. 

I don't know if my purpose is great, but I know God has one for me.  I know it might sound small, the life that I lead, to the vast majority.  I know that there are days I don't have the "joy, joy joy joy down in my heart"... because all I can do is wait for the sun to go down so I can start over.  I know there are conversations and things I wish I could take back, on a regular basis.  I know there are people that need far more than I so richly have, but often don't acknowledge.  I know I could do better, if I could just step outside of my self for just a moment, and rely on the God of Old, the God of Now... the God who is one day coming. 

"For the Son of Man is going to come in his Father's glory with his angels, and then he will reward everyone according to what they have done.
Matthew 16:27

Like most revelations I am still not sure what to do with my new found perspective, but I am seeking Him out, on how I move ahead--running with my pebble and a sling-- about to knock down some challenges!  I am thankful for the faithful followers of Christ who show me that ordinary people can do great things when they use what tools they have been given, whether small and seaming insignificant, to do the tasks God has specifically planned for them.  They aren't all found in the pages of my bible either...some are friends who live 1 block, or 8 to 41/2 hrs away.  thankful for the many examples I get to share life with!!

My current giants:
1. keeping a positive attitude through the tough stages of pregnancy
2. remembering my purpose is important in training these children, even though it feels mundane at times
3. keeping a joyful spirit in the midst of struggles
4. relying on God to answer all my tough questions
5.spending my time wisely to do the tasks God has given me
6. sharpening my tools to use for His purposes (first i need to fig out what they are!)
7. ignoring the opposition i might face from those around me at times ( sometimes not even words, just situations that can distract)
8.my self- forgiveness and grace
9. diligence in breaking life long habits (most of them are in the mind)
10. hearing and not doing

....Here we go!....

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