Today's Agenda?

I emailed this list to Bryson this morning at 10:29 kind of as an accountability.
today's agenda ...

1. laundry done folded (ready to put away tonight)
2. calendar update
3.unpack girls
4.play with shaving cream, learn letters with Kehnley
5. chore list made for the week
6. call yard guy
7.bills with you tonight
love you!!

--then got his response and sent this email back in response at 1:15
ok Hun sounds good. today has been interesting lets see what i accomplished SO FAR from my list...
1. laundry in the works but not done
2.make the house and entire disaster...oh wait, did that one start out on here or did i get it crossed with Sadie's to do lists, oops.
3.play with shaving cream
4. give girls a prelunch bath bc Sadie thought i said make yourself look like a snowman not DRAW a snowman....lol (Addy followed Sadie's lead)
5. sit down
6.haven't even looked at my calendar
7. no unpacking just re-stacking :/
8. see this awesome post and HAD to share to one of the most amazing dads i know in the making.... love you! read this when you get a down moment today:


ever had a day when your "list" doesn't get checked like you thought? :)  oh well, there is always tomorrow and at least i found this amazing post to share with all you out there who are either dad's with girls, or married to them! 

Keep Encouraging


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