Sadie's 20th month day!!

Top 20 list of things that make you my special baby girl Sadie!!
20. your toothy grin
19. how you call down the list "mommy daddy, sissy..." til someone comes to get you out of bed
18. when you make your stuffed animals kiss,you always have to have two...
17.again.. always have to have two, but this time its food.  one cracker for each hand :)
16.your super fast tippy toe run--I mean FAST!
15. how you love to wear mommy's and daddy's shoes and say "shus"
14. when you give sissy hugs in the bath
13. your amazing singing- I love how you close your eyes and sway like Stevie Wonder so into it!
12. when I rock you and you tap my neck or rub my face, so sweet
11. how you call milk "gunk" lol you'll get it one day sweet girl
10. when you put your little fingers up and say "im-ana-det-tu" translation you want us to chase you and tickle you and say "im gonna get you"
9. loves socks!
8. your sweet moves to frosty the snowman
7. how you light up when you see Passie and yes, its really called that like a name, and yes, you love it like a person
6. looking in my rearview mirror and seeing your smiling face
5. when you put the babies in their beds in the doll house and say "shhh" with your finger to your mouth
4. How happy you are in the morning, you say good morning to everything...even the passie in your mouth you've been talking to all morning lol
3. when you get so excited to talk to daddy on the phone
2. I love how when we pray to used to just pretend to close your eyes, now you slam your face into your folded hands and breath heavy bc your smooshing your nose the whole time. love it.
ANNNNDDDD the no. 1. fav thing I love about you and makes you so special.....
When you say those two little words we've been dieing to hear... "yuv ew"! 

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