Im feeling a little disappointed in my blogging (or lack there of) over the past few months.  I am sure everyone gets a little on "summer time" some those glorious 3 months when were sweating it out with the rest of Texas planning vacations or dreaming of vacations or doing a million other things that we will later need a vacation from..... I can't really even remember those days because I am either 1. too exhausted to remember if I even fed myself earlier today or not 2. so sick I can't think of anything but curling into a ball in my bed (which moms dont get to do bc we don't get sick days) 3. I'm too busy keeping 3 little ones entertained and from killing each other that every day it's about the survival of the fittest...and that's not always me! lol

But I do miss blogging and feel compelled to try a little harder to fit time in for that.  Especially with all the fun things that happen each day, there are hard things too don't get me wrong, but I feel convicted to just try to repeat and share the fun things... unless the hard stuff lends to good entertainment in which OF COURSE I will be adding that in occasionally! 

Naps are usually a reserved sacred time that i get to catch up on sleep because being 10 weeks preggers and chasing these girls is about to kill me...unless its one of those rotten days when I have to pay bills, write notes, plan lessons for the kiddos or clean up from what looks like a tropical storm has hit and left nothing but devastation in it's path....BUT if its one of those special days where the house mess isn't that bad, there's no money in the account to pay bills with, the laundry is folded, the dinner is leftovers, and the quiet is ringing in my ears, I might, just might get the time to close me eyes...ahhh heaven!

Today, that's not what I am doing, today I am blogging...and working on my albums as usually, and flipping through lessons and also thinking about this little grape in my belly that I got to see at the dr. today.

The girls are growing rapidly and doing and saying so much that it makes me smile to think of how amazing the things they can do and say at such young ages...but today I got to thinking about our next little seed.  Ususally when you go to the dr. you are 8 weeks along so you get to see some white little ball flicking and fluttering but nothing really distinct as far as seeing your baby happens until the gender testing 4 long and growling months later.  BUT because our little one was measuring a little small our first visit we need to come back in two weeks for a second...
Turns out the baby is healthy and fine and the due date was only a day off from what I had originally thought (he or she will come on or before April 28th!!)

This time because it was 10 weeks we could see a substantially bigger babe with hands and feet just a movin and groovin putting on a great show!  She snapped a pic his face and it was to the side and you could see a little nose and mouth along with everything else.  It was (as always) surreal to hear a heartbeat and to see the baby so active.  It even seemed to have the predominant Blowey chin already!!

I feel like this time I haven't had time to really enjoy the baby, or think on the baby, or write to the baby. 

I have so much to do to keep up with the girls milestones I haven't had much time to cherish our newest baby and all the changes its going through right now.  At ten weeks its hard to believe our baby has legs and hands and fingernails and fingers and is still the size of a kumquat!  i feel much more ill with this little one and by that I mean, any time, and all the time, i want to throw up--but that relief doesn't seem to come easily either.  I have tried, preggo pops, ginger pills, eating certain foods, certain times of day.  So far the things that make me feel the best are sleeping A LOT and brushing my teeth with this amazing toothpaste ans introduced me to!  Colgate optimum white red tube--love it! lol
SO....what can I say, i think that because it's the 3rd time around for me its been harder to connect to this little one, less people comment on your pregnancy, less ppl want to know how you feel, or what your nursery will be like or if its a boy or girl (they don't so much ask what I think but tell me old wives tells about how its destine to be a girl bc i have two, or bc its different its deff a boy...) I love what Kehnley says when anyone asks her, and no we did not tell her what to say
questioning individual - "so Kehnley , what you want to have? a little baby sister or brother?"
Kehney - "I don't know, it could be a boy or a girl.  Either would be great.  Only God knows, we can't know yet."
questioning individual - stunned at how mature her answer is "but if you had to pick, which would you say?"
Kehnley - "really, i can't know...I don't even know!" lol

i think she might be scared that what ever she says will happen...i mean that's how it usually is anyway right?! ;)

I will talk about the addition of Addy to our little crew daily on a later date, but I will leave pics of the many milestones they are each embarking on now...so different and I love how they interact!
K-playing pretend more, i was afraid she had given it up!, making up songs she written, dances she preforms.  She is learning to write her letters and numbers and can even write her name (kind of hard with all those "e" 's in there.  She is wanting to kiss Sadie night night and can climb into her crib and zip herself in and need assistance getting out lol.  She is able to get in and out of the car and her seat all by herself, she can even unlock the seat belt (parental locks--CHECK).  She is my little helper and although she persists other wise she will help clean up before nap and bedtime pretty well!  She can pick her own clothes out and will put her milk cup in the fridge when she is all done :) fav foods-NOT pizza, eggs wout cheese, mac&cheese, anything she can dip in ketch up and fruit-plums to be exact!
S- climbing out of her bed like a wild animal= enter crib tent lol, she is playing in there but calls for me, then dad, then sissy, then fancy to get out and says "uck" UCK" really loud- translation...Stuck, shes stuck...other things that are UCK-stuck are:vitamins in the bottle, pops in the freezer bc the door won't open, toy in a basket, lilly in her kennel, cracker in the seat, swing that won't be pushed, her in a car seat, video in the holder, passy behind the bed...she sings still to anything that has a melody, she even sings the made up barbie girl song that i sung to her once, she loves to dance and in dance class refuses to stand by me and wants to act like the whole class is there to watch her. lol  fav. foods - pizza, she says it all the time, nectarines, corn, edemame, and eggs also...but WITH cheese lol.


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