"Well, what is it! Is it a boy or a girl?" "Uh-Hu!" -It's a Wonderful Life

We had a bit of a surprise for our parents this December.  Brys mom had to work a board meeting so we left this box on her front porch..... her and Tillman opened it later and I am sure got the same surprise my parents were about to get. 

Kehnley and Sadie were in the dark as well when we walked in with this bad boy...
this is what happened next!

IMG_4372   IMG_4373

IMG_4376                 IMG_4387
IMG_4395  IMG_4392  IMG_4394

We all enjoyed some pink cupcakes and were excited about the new baby girl that will soon be in our arms!  It was so sureal to see her on the sonogram and hear those words we have been waiting to hear, it's a.....
GIRL! :) 
 I was shocked out of my mind but Bry had already been calling her by her name all week.  I thought he was just being crazy, but that's 3 for 3 on his record of guessing ahead of time.  Maybe next time I won't even get a sonogram done, I will just ask him :)

He pictures on the sonogram looked so much like Kehnley, but some have told me sadie...
what do you think?

kehnley face 
lainey 2

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