Mom to Mom

Not only was it a refreshing weekend with one of my bestest friends, a chance to relate to another mom, get away with just me and Kehnley somewhere also...its such a time of teaching for me to watch another amazing mama in action!

The things I learned in this season of life from her I am forever grateful for.  Whats so amazing about this friend is that she has taught me things in so many important times of my life.  (its an honor to be learning from her still today!)
1.dont sweat the small stuff - she was so chill about things I'd normally freak about.  Now obveously i cant change my personality or make myself not care about things that I clearly care about... but I could definitly use the chance to see things will be okay if it doesnt all go how i picture in my mind
2. Have more grace in my tone towards my children
3. Lower some expectations of my kids
4. Stop trying to measure up to some book standard or compare myself to other ppl in my time of life.  She didn't seem at all to have another "person" whether real or imagined (ie bloggers, FB, fab moms in her circle) she was trying to live up to or a check list of what makes someone a great mom she was constantly worried about
5. Nap time was not the Holy Grail of her day and she didnt put that about the feelings and emotions of her child (i needed to see this BIG time!)
6. Her sanity in the day didnt wrap around selfish endeavours of workouts, peace and quiet time, perfectly made dinners and set tables, spotless living rooms or compliant kiddos.  She seemed at ease if not one of these turned out like she planned.
7. She actually did get a great deal done in her day regardless if any of the above mentioned things fell into  a perfectly ordered schedule.  She played with her kids, meet their needs, exercised, showered, cleaned up, folded clothes, spend time with friends, got rest, talked to her husband, read... and didnt have any anxiety or anxiousness in her spirit at all! 
8. Enjoy each day for what it is and not what I dreamed it would be
9. Enjoy my children where they are, who they are, in the special ways that they need
10. Love on my husband, support him, encourage him and be proud of him

Thank you Ans for teaching/reminding me of all these things this weekend. 
I love you! I miss you already!


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