Dreaming of Sleeping

Never knew how much I would covet sleep until I wasn't getting any! Here is our darling sleeping... but it doesn't last as long as we dreamed it would.

Still... I keep tellin myself, one day she will sleep so long I will be waking her up before noon and asking her why she insists on "sleeping the day away" like my parents did.

Currently (after reading countless books and articles on sleep) we are experiencing a break through... she sleeps for 6 hrs straight, or has at least for the past few days... from 10 to 4 I actually have uninterrupted sleep! It's been amazing.

The only new addition to the past sleepless nights is that though she stays asleep longer she has a harder time going down. She kicks her legs and sakes my hands around as she eats in the dark... I think she is just finding out how much she can do and can't settle down from all he excitement! I mean wouldn't you if you just discovered that you can somewhat clap your hands

( it's more like clapping fists... but at least the hands are coming together!)


Lyndsay said...

Aunt Lyndz needs to come teach her how to nap the day away with some blankets, bedtime bears and 90210! Although, its been months since I took a nap! p.s. I'm loving your new banner!!!

Jana said...

At least she looks absolutely adorable while she is sleeping. I pray that she will start sleeping longer and go down easier.

jayrizzad said...
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Ashley said...

Hey Blowey Bunch...it's Ashley Smith. So glad to find your blog! I'm writing to tell you about Sleep Sense. If you haven't already read about it...you need to! It changed Cooper's sleep habits in a matter of a few days, and boy are we thankful for that! Check out the link www.sleepsense.net and best of luck. Kisses to Kehnley!

Jennifer-Colley said...

Hey Ker! So glad that I found your blog! Kehnley really is growing up so fast. She is precious! I know that you and Bryson are doing a great job as her parents. Thinking about you! My blog is jennifercolley.blogspot.com
Talk to you soon!