Photo Frenzy

We got a new camera and so the photo shoot began! Kehnley had yet to experience the joys of this months photo shoot and so I held out for a few days and decided to take the new digital for a test drive... Turns out, I am kind of a photo maniac! Those that know me well, I know it's hard for you to imagine me actually taking more photos than I already do, but I am and it's only gong to get worse I fear. There is a black and white feature but I have yet to master part...and she's got these baby blues I just can't not capture their color, their amazing.

I am such a stereotypical mom, I am constantly photo documenting ever hiccup Kehnley has! But I just can't get enough of her! I wish I could do this for a living... here are just a few of our favorites. Bry did an awesome job as props for laughter.

Her belly cracks me up

Look at her little skirt!

This one is my favorite!

Okay now I have ot share the "mouth test" with you, she does this to everything!


The Reeves bunch said...

These are some adorable pictures. The mouth test is so true. Madison has to put EVERYTHING in your mouth and make sure that it tastes ok. I am ready for her to grow out of it. Shoes are her favorite thing.

The Cherry's said...

Very cute! Sooo what kind of camera did you get???

The Blowey Bunch said...

I got a digital SLR it's a canon rebel txi I LOVE IT! It's so great! You will like playing with it if you come over this weekend!

Jana said...

So stinkin' precious!!!