Pahk ya Cah!

We went to Boston for our anniversary trip and had an amazing time! We went without the baby and were able to get some good sleep (much needed) and it was so weird for me to not have to tend to a baby around the clock. It felt like everywhere we went there was a baby and even the room next to us had a crying baby (ironic i know) so needless to say we missed Missy Priss, but we had some time to laugh and get away and just remember what good friends we are. Bry and I made a comitment to not wait for a vacation to really ENJOY ourselves. Sometimes we get so stressed from the business of life that we don't delight in each other and celebrate each day. So it was a fun time for that. So here is our top ten fav things about Boston in case you are trying to decide if you should go or not for YOUR next trip...

Keri's top 10 list:

10. riding in the cab and getting a first class Boston accent tour at 1 am

9. Breakfast at Paramount can you say "ORDER UP!" those whole grain mile high french toasts toped with fresh fruit were amazing!

8. walking the streets touring the historical sights and drinking my chai (heaven) and bry with his hot mocklet like real Bostonians

7. the sizzzzle of a 500 degree plate and posing with statues of Donkeys , & etc :)

6. Boston Oysters, Clam Chowder, and Boston Cream Pie..... I'm so fat! lol

5. Remembering the guy at the fruit stand... lol (this is two part) and laughing SO hard

4. Seeing the Old North Church and the dog tag memorial

3. playing with the sealions, I think they wanted to come home with me...kiss kiss

2. seeing Bryson's face when his eyes hit the green monster for the first time

And the NUMBER 1 reason I love Boston is....

1. I got to sleep in with my cover hogging hunny

Bryson's top 10 list:

10) Eating at the original Cheers “where everybody knows your name” (two words for you “Fenway Special”, the kind of chili that will ruin any white shirt and internal organs).

9) Riding a subway for the first time and the many bodies rubbing me in a confined space (I still feel gross from that subway to Fenway)

8) The War Memorial for deceased American soldiers from Afghanistan . They took their dog tags and made this huge wind chime, not only beautiful, but the sound was amazing. Praise God for those men!

7) Our many journeys to Boston Common, the North End and Boston harbor (lots of hand holding and warm drinks)

6) Legal Seafood Restaurant (I still have dreams and drool uncontrollably about the swordfish and lobster bisque I had)

5) Chocolate Chip Pancakes from the Paramount (Re-freakin’ didiculous….they were yum yum).

4) The beautiful Holocaust Memorial (It was truly humbling to see how many lives were taken during the Holocaust)

3) The Old North Church ; it was the last thing we saw and one of the most beautiful sights in all Boston

2) Fenway Park….(The Green Monster, Cy Young awards, Hall of Fame plaques) it was amazing! Sometimes I wonder if I was supposed to be born there, the way that city loves baseball

1) Experiencing all these things with Keri! It really was an awesome trip

Pics of our trip coming soon to a Blog near you!

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