A Baby Story

Today I got to see one of the most amazing things in my life and experience God's awesome power through our friends Italo and Allison. They have become a second family to Bry and I over the past few years. Allison went into labor in the middle of the night and text me about 4 am, I took off work and went to pray over them. She felt God calling her to have this baby at home and so over the past nine months we have been praying for His perfect timing and protection. I just expected to be in a back room praying and doing whatever I could in intersession...but instead I was blessed beyond my wildest dreams to get to be RIGHT there! Getting whatever the midwife needed so that Italo could stay by Allison's side, I got to rub her back, encourage her, whatever they needed. I saw this amazingly strong woman experience God in a mighty way as He strengthened her when she wanted to give up. I saw a family grow closer through this painful experience. I saw a husband in awe of his wife and the blessing she was bestowing on their family. I saw her face change instantly from worry to joy when she held her baby girl for the first time. But the most amazing thing I saw the whole day, after hours of breathing and pushing and whispers of prayers and holding hands, and Italo speaking in Portuguese ay his brides side how much he loved, admired, adored Allison...was the presence of God in the room, watching over His beloved... just as he promised.

I am forever changed by this experience. It's just one more chance for me to tell of God's faithfulness.

I am going back today to see how baby and mamma are doing, I'll post pics after my visit.
Thank you for your prayers! It's a baby girl by the way.


The Reeves bunch said...

God is awesome. I bet that is an event in your life that you will never forget. What amazing friends to allow you to be there with them. God truly used you in that whole experience.

The Cherry's said...

What an awesome story and experience!

Cole and Erin Wilkins said...

Wow, friend. Thanks so much for being there when the rest of us couldn't. You are awesome.