In the past 168 hrs.

~ We put an offer on a house
~ We took an offer off a house and put an offer on a new house
~ Kehnley and I took our first ever road trip together to Dallas
~ I walked 12 miles pushing a stroller around the neighborhood
~ Ansley was spotted wearing a beautiful bling!!
~ I cried several times...some happy, some sad, some stressful
~ I had peanut butter for hte first time in weeks, there has been a stortage at the home front for some reason, Simply Jiff... nothing better that that
~ They took another offer over ours and so now we have no house, no offer, and no where to look at the moment
~ Kehnley took 5 steps on her own, a record high as of Tuesday
~ I told Lyndz's joke to my class of 2nd graders.. none of them thought it was funny

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