Tree Hugger

So apparently I was destine to see Oprah's show on Green day, read articles on plastic and have a mom who is now making our home environmentally friendly....now I have a new obsession!

First Step get these bottles, and I am going to have to agree with Megan... no more water bottles.

More plans to make the world a cleaner place...

I'm getting a compost as soon as I get my own home

I will buy organic bags to take the to grocery store instead of using the paper and plastic they provide.

I already buy organic baby food or make my own. Earth's Best is THE best!

Soy candles, all the others are going outty 5000

Energy saving light bulbs

Recycling aluminum and plastic and paper

Burt's Bees for all hygiene products

Just to name a few...

Whole Earth Here we come!!


The Cherry's said...

Yea for no more plastic!

Jeremy & Jeanae said...

You crack me up! It is funny, if you had not explained yourself, I would had thought you had been to Australia :-) I have to admit that God has definitely convicted J&I since being here. We love the reusable grocery sacks!!! Anyway, glad to hear this is your "new obsession"

Jeremy Rhodes said...


for the letters. there are different fonts, and different thicknesses. (is that a word?)
let me know if you have any more questions- nikki.rhodes@hotmail