Little Pink Bikini!!!

Month Day photos

While you wait... here are pics from Kehnley's first day of fun in the sun

Look at this little diva, already showin off!

In an emergancy this diaper may be used as a floatation device...

I think this purple seahorse is my new bestfriend!

(wait what is this thing again?)

My two first loves... rubber ducky and daddy...in that order :)

Mommy kisses me too much I think

I don't want to get out!


Cole and Erin Wilkins said...

LOVE the swimming photos! You are such a beautiful family...and you all look good in swim suits. What's up with that!? Hehe.

The Reeves bunch said...

So cute, She is growing up so fast! What a beautiful family.

Ingram Gang said...

These are kute with a k...for Kehnley.

Jeremy & Jeanae said...

Keri! We miss you guys so much and cannot believe how much she is growing. What a beautiful baby girl you have! You all look so wonderful, and we cannot wait to see you guys (only 4.5 months left). love! J&J

Leah Dooley said...

So cute! I can't wait.