So I have been on a Blog Fast if you will, but since I have been up all night for the past few nights working on a photo album for Nicole's grad with Bry's mom... and looking at all these pics of senior year and getting pics of her visits to Tech long before she ever knew she'd be Lubbock or Leavin' it soon... I thought I would let the midnight oil keep burning and post and update. Taken from Jen Colley's update list....

1. Talking with Donna about Nicole going off to college it made me think of how much I loved Tech and miss it. It seams like another life looking back... my life now doesn't resemble that very much. it sucks to grow up :)

2. But then again it has it's perks... Kehnley just learned to clap!! And I am talking a full on, walked on the tanning shelf of the pool and got so excited she couldn't help herself and clapped! Now we can play patty cake.
3. KK (KiKi as Jen calls her) also started playing a new kind of peek-a-boo where she will cover her face with a balnket and pull it off when i say the magic words. I love it.
4. We just got back from a weekend at the Frio, hence the name of the blog, which is a family tradition every year (except last for us b/c i was not about to give birth in the river) and we had a great time. It's not as relaxing chasing a baby the whole time, but we did have fun watching her play and getting to float the river with the fam. I also got to know Stephen a lot better to (Cole's boyfriend) and that was good. I tell you what there are some crazies on the river for sure.
5. I can't wait til summer... only 1/2 a day left (and however long it takes me to pack up my room on Monday) and I can just relax and enjoy my time!
6. And this is the biggest... WE HAVE A HOUSE! We close in a few weeks and move in once their home is built. I just can't wait to hear our own dishwasher going, the music playing loud while I do my Saturday cleaning session that often turns into a dance session, get to plant some flowers in our yard, and get to paint the walls in my baby's room! (am I domestic Diva or what?!) I really just want to laugh all night with Bry, sitting on our huge couch...I miss that!
7. I've been studing King David in the bible lately and I really see God speaking truth into my life about the time span between when God anointed him king, and when he ACTUALLY became king...the time in the making, that's where I seem to fit!
Here's a pic from the Frio... I think pople enjoy pic-filled blogs more than those that are pic-less.

Frio 2008

Cover up Twinks

Tradition family pic

This is why I freaking Love my husband...he makes me laugh so hard!

(This is Bryson on vacation)

Since she won't wear the hat...I will!

This was the only pic where she wasn't screaming crying and pulling the hat off

Bry and his little 70's track star!

Tubin baby! Rio Frizzle


Jennifer-Colley said...

I am totally with you on the pic less blogs! I LOVE pic filled blogs much better! So glad though that I inspired you on the updates! It was the easiest thing to do for the time being.
I am very excited about seeing you at the wedding too! Cannot wait to hang out! miss you so much! will Kehnley be there?
love ya!

MegCher said...

Looks like the Blowey Bunch had fun at the Frio. I think it's funny that Kiki wouldn't wear her hat(s)...she definitely knows what she likes! I don't blame her for not liking the cold river water.

When are you going to have your first get together in your new house?!?! July 4th? haha! Have you found out if you will be in FL that weekend?

See you at the Mountain Wedding!

ginger said...

yay for the frio! my family goes every year too!! we go in two weeks! anyway, i can't believe your baby girl is so big! so do you have pics of your new house?