One Sweet Afternoon

I came into the room and saw the two loves of my life sleeping so peacefully! It was a sweet moment and I couldn't help but capture it. They don't get many moments like this and it made my heart so glad that for this afternoon, for just a short time, Bryson and Kehnley got a moment together, the first of many to come where she just rests in her daddy arms. I pray that she will always find comfort there.

I know Bry is aching for the day when he can tell her all about how God made her special and hand crafted every thing about her down to the frekle on her foot and the wonder in her eyes and the love she already has for animals. He's just waiting for the moment when he can tell her about her heart and how precious it is to God; he will hold her hand as she prays to ask Jesus in. As she walks through life asking the important questions like "am I important" "am I unique" "am I lovely" "am I worthy of good things" "will I do anything great in life"; he will be there to take her hand and point it to the words that God has soken about her. She will rest in his arms as he reads to her and teaches her she is made to do great things. The day when she comes to him and tells of how her heart's been broken; he will hold her in his arms and just lets her cry telling her there's a love that never fails. The day she says she wants to leave and go away to chase her dreams; he will hold her in his arms and pray over her journey ahead.

One day they will look back at his picture and see where it all started


apesdina said...

so precious.

The Cherry's said...

That looks like a great nap! Can't wait to see you guys! Hope Kehnley doesn't still hold a grudge!

Sam and Mandy said...

First, cute picture. Second, I would love to help you with making some fun cupcakes for Kehnley's birthday party! Get my number from Meg's (I don't want to post it on here) and we can talk about the details (how many, flavors, cost, etc.)

MegCher said...

Where are you????