Birthday Month

Bry and I have birthday's two weeks a part so we always have a pretty fun month of September. For Bry's Bday I had a picnic out on our back deck at sunset...it was really fun and romantic except that Kehnley kept dropping mashed potatoes all over me :) And then she got pretty mad that I was taking her pic while she danced around with food all over her...

She's like "you better not take another picture of me..."

Bry's bday was Wednesday, so over he weekend was when Ike hit... we didn't have power so we couldn't have a party obviously! We had the fam come over the next Saturday. Luckily we moved it because other wise Jen, JB and Justin couldn't have helped me put Bry' gift together. (Side note to the ladies out there: don't buy something you have to put together the day of a party you plan on using the item... also, make sure it's NOT a table tennis set because it comes in 1 billion parts...literally, it will take all day and night and two crews) After my first crew left and me and Jen gave up, Josh and the dads worked to finish it. We had a good night and a VERY Bryson-esk desert I made called Campground Brownie Pie

It was a brownie bottom with pudding like layer over the top and marshmallows, caramel, chocolate chips, pecans and chocolate drizzled on the top. It was definitely a choco-over load!

He's happy and yet really scared of that large candle...

Family photo with the birthday boy, baby's acting silly.

Nicole came in town too!

So our garage needs a cleaning session (my weekend plans) but at least the table is standing... let the tournaments begin!


Ode to Bryson

You're on time
and I'm always late
you're so patient
I'm sorry I make you wait
You cuddle me and pray for me
you're such a great friend
I love your jeans and polos
what a stylish trend
You love sports radio
magazines or TV
You even know celeb gossip
way much more than me
I know you inside and out
there's nothing I don't adore
I even know at every restaurant
what you will probably order
We can do just about anything
or nothing, that's cool too
All I know is I laugh so hard
when it's just me and you
You’re smart your kind
giving and full of love
You’re strong and wise
everything I’ve ever dreamed of
God has blessed me
With such an amazing man
It’s like He’s right there holding me
when you hold my hand
I've loved you almost a decade
but that's still not long at all
Every time I look at you
the more in love I fall.

I love you


The McDons said...

O y'all are so sweet! Happy late birthday's! I love the poem, so sweet! :)

MegCherry said...

The cherry's are excited about ping pong! Should we bring Wii Fit?

Those pictures CRACK me up of kiki. She means business!

The Blowey Bunch said...

yes!!!! Wii fit, lets do it!! Can't wait. one of these days we will get each other on the phone :)
Miss y'all *Keri*

ginger ivey said...

Hey stranger! Table tennis sounds like fun! I need you to send me the recipe for that pie--it looks amazing!
Happy late birthdays to yall!