we're BACK!

So after a long time gone from the blogging world, due to work, a move, traveling and a lack of internet connection at the new house... we are finally back. I am giving myself ten minutes everyday to blog about the past few months.
The first event which it's hard to beleive was actually a month ago, was Amy and Landry's wedding in Marble Falls, so many memories in Marble Falls with our friends, it was a beautiful place to have anotehr one like Amy's wedding added to the list.

Top 10 Faves about the weekend and wedding...

1. Spending our time with freinds and family. For me it was so great to be with the girls all day up to the wedding, we haven't had that in a long time!
2. The hotel, it was so amazing!
3. Doing Lyndz' hair, Ansley's hair, Jordana's make up... just getting to help so much!
4.Dancing DUHH!! that was so fun!
5. The photo/kissing booth, awesome idea! Kehn;ey loved it too!
6. Landry's teary eyes speach at the rehearsal dinner.... it was so sweet!
7. Lyndz' poem to Amy at the Bridal Luncheon, I want a copy of that!
8.Nathan at the wedding's end... oh man, we laughed a lot!
9.Taking a ton of photos, and getting to help capture the day as best we could.
10. Seeing Amy and Landry kiss after they announched them husband and wife... they looked so happy!

Here are some highlights from the Scott Wedding!

Ok Times UP! More tomorrow...


Jennifer-Colley said...

so glad that you are back! my email is posted on my blog page but I will give it to you on here so you will have it.

love ya! Great to hear from you! lets email. I'm in the hospital for a couple more weeks!

MegCherry said...

Yeah...you're blogging again! I've missed you! Sorry that we keep playing phone tag...we will talk soon...very soon.