Silly Sick

I am sure it's expected that I would probably blog about Ike because that's what just happened and it's been so huge that it kept our power off for almost a week and we have been somewhat refugees spending the days and nights at our parents and all over the place. We ate dinner in the bathroom while Kehnley look her baths by flashlight... our home was totally fine, nothing as damaged, we were so blessed. SO I am not going to blog about that. What I am going to blog about is the saddest thing that I have to deal with every few months, and I am sure many moms would agree, ..........a sick baby!

Especially at her age! She can't tell me what's wrong, she can't tell me what she needs... it's so sad to see her little face because when you look at her it just says "I don't feel good mommy!"

Last night she was up all night wheezing and scared Bry and I to death when she was gasping for air to breath. So this morning I took off work, took her to the doc. Her fancy came and went with us.

Prescription: fluids, rest, Tylenol, steam shower in a small room, suction and saline.... so Kehnley and I spend the whole day napping and reading and watching cartoons!

when she's sick she loves my body pillow


Jennifer-Colley said...

She looks so cute laying on your pillow. What a sweet little girl! =)

Jana said...

Hope she's feeling better!