A lot can happen in a day!

I have been so swamped and too overwhelmed to write but I will tell you God can do a lot in a day. He really floored me with something amazing and an answer to prayer, not in the shape I expected but isn't that how our God operates? I will update more over the holiday weekend because I can bet I won't have time til then!
since my last blog-we got our house keys, met our wonderful neighbors, started painting, went to a best friends wedding, spend more money than we have in a LONG time, slept very little...and so has Kehnley. Cry for Nicole's new adventure at school, I started work and found out I am teaching preK and have a special task I know nothing of yet and got to encourage someone in the Lord, be a positive presence, and see God's purpose for me this year, and the peace everyone has been talking about finally came :) I also got to see my daughter dancing more this week than I have in my life... and that's one of those wonderful and beautiful things I have been waiting for as a mom for some time now.

You know how there are just things toy are excited to see from your children... and you can't WAIT until they do it!? Sounds funny, but dancing is one of those things for me.. I LOVE to dance and I love dancing with her it's so refreshing and blows my mind that God makes her to dance so soon... she's dancing for Him too!

I'll post pics from the wedding, house, and my little dancer soon!
Thank you for all your prayers and encouragement


Jennifer-Colley said...

you are definitely right about " alot can happen in a day". WOW! I feel your pain! I will definitely be praying for you! Are you just teaching pre k or pre k art? If you need any advice with the itty bittys let me know! From one kinder teacher to another! lol Love ya girl!

The Blowey Bunch said...

i will be teaching 5 - preK i have done all those grades every years but preK is new for me, i guess the are just a little bit less able than kinder?@! I am not sure!! we will see, Have a great first day! I am praying for yours, thanks for praying for me.... i need it!

The Miersma Family said...

i love to dance too!!!
and like you i can't wait for kate to start movin' and a groovin'! :)