Kiki's new grove...

So Kehnley is called KiKi by some of her friends, and she is learning some new moves. Enjoy!

One of which is the purse drag.

And the other is the diva shoe clap.

But most importantly, her new home...

We found out this week that in two very short weeks we will be able to call our new house, Home! The plan is we will have our keys on the 18th and it will finally be ours. To be honest, this isn't about a new home for us, it's much more than that.... it's about a new beginning for our family and seeing something God has planned and purposed come to fruition and that's so exciting. It hasn't always been easy to wait for... but we have learned to depend on Him so much through the process. Thank you for your prayers!


Jeremy & Jeanae said...

We love the new shoes... that is too cute! Also, BEAUTIFUL home girl! We love it!!! J&I need your landscaper.. he he (we hear our yard is completely dead :-(

Wish we could be there to help you guys move in! See you soon!

The McDons said...

Love the new house! Cute videos!

The Reeves bunch said...

Kehnley is so cute!! Congratulations on the house. I know that you will make it beautiful. Good Luck with everything!

Russ & Kristin said...

Neighbor!! Now I won't have to stalk your blog to see you :)

Isn't it amazing how God uses the waiting time to both teach us and to make His purposes even sweeter?

Can't wait...please let us know if you need ANYTHING!

K, Russ, & Campbell