We're not too old to shake it! (A gun that is)

We were so gld to get to come see Cole in our old stomping grounds!

Of corse we had to hit up Sugar Browns

The coveted yellow slip that means you have a package...still a #1 item in the dorm mailboxes :)

Lyndz' dorm room...

The hall where I spend some of the most joyful, fun, lonely, heartbreaking, and life changing moments of my life...

I cut that hole one crazy night...it had something to do with oranges

We got to see Jen and Coby and Camren... their sweet baby boy

It was so sureal because we had just been by where Jen and i used to live almost 7 years ago!

Bonfire was so awesome!

RRRRRR----S.. RAIDERS! this is for you Lyndz :)

Get that gun up high Josh!

Love this girl!

At Rib Crib... old favorite!

Had to get our pics in with ol Will

So gald we got to take this trip to Tech

Girls in shades

Awesome art on campus!

When we won... it was a sweet victory, Bry couldn't help himself!

The Goin' Band from Raider Land

The bells were ringing

We loved the trip ALMOST as much as Josh loved his Moon Pie

When i think about all the wonderful memories we have of this place... and that first time we were driving up and I said to my parents... wait... where are we? I am not sure I want to do this. And here we are so many years later, so different from when we first came, God has shown Himself to us in a magnificent way here at Tech. We have made lifetime friends, experienced the Father in such intimate moments it's amazing how much has happened in this little place called Lubbock. Just being there... we were running on campus and I could feel His presence.

On our way out we saw these big wind turbines and it was so wild because I felt like it was the visual of what I felt God had done in our lives at Tech... these blades cut through the air and produce something so useful for life for the people around it and it's new and it's something that can't be stored... it can't be kept in... if it's not used it's useless. God's presence is cutting through the hearts of people in Lubbock TX and it's so big and so life changing and it's all they need for life... for their future... and it can't be kept inside! It has to be used up or it's worthless... whatever we have been given from the Lord that we don't use for His glory is useless.


Mandy said...

awww...GREAT pictures!! I miss Lubbock!!!!

King Amy said...

did candance ever get off the phone?! :) she sure was chatty, or at least in all the pictures!

Jennifer-Colley said...

It was soo good to see you! Crazy how 7 years goes by so fast! love you!

apesdina said...

Awww...tear. There is something so wonderful about Lubbock that you can't explain to those who have never lived there and experienced the change and, the beauty of that is that those who have are able to share that exclusively forever.

MegCherry said...

SOOO MANY PICTURES! you did a great job taking and editing them! Sorry I haven't replied to your running e-mail. I WILL SOON!

How was Halloween? I want to see pictures of Kiki!