Very Cherry Weekend

Well WE had the honor of having the Cherry's come stay with us for the weekend, OUR FIRST OFFICIAL GUESTS in our new house. Kehnley thought they came JUST for her... Ronnie is her best bud! Even thought you can't tell from this pic lol... she loved it!

Ok that's much better :)

We went to the game together and just had an awesome weekend...We love the Cherry's!

(ps. I will keep the pics down to a minimum this week... sorry for the image verload, Megan was right that WAS a lt of pics last post :) )

More coming soon of this baby bug!


MegCherry said...

Awe, you named your blog after us! Thanks again for letting us stay at your new house!

I hope you know that I love blogs with tones of pictures! Keep them coming!

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Ingram Gang said...

I wish I could have a Very Cherry Weekend. :(

Ronnie is best friends with all the kids, whats up with that? He's like super-man to toddlers.