The house is semi-clean, we have spent the last 48 hrs eating and as most are probably doing... I am planning my next week with eaters remorse and trying to figure out how I can feed my family but keep myself from eating ( NOTHING looks good to eat after thanksgiving). i am jammin out to the new Coldplay cd Prospect March I bought it for Bry as a surprise to put in his cd player with a sticky note that reads (thanks to Lyndz) "the weather is cold, play me for a little warming up on your way to work." He's going to freak because he doesn't even know that they had an edition added to heir new album out (and he is ALWAYS on top that kind of stuff)

So like I said I am jamming out to the new cd, mainly to drown out the crying i hear through the bathroom wall which backs up to Kehnley's room... she has been crying for 15 minutes, I put her into bed for a nap totally asleep and she is crying because she doesn't want to be there. I am in agony, i think it's the hardest thing I have had to do yet as a parent, i know it will get harder as the years go by with all the things that children go through... and it's something that I have to fight for. I know it's what's best for everyone, even if it's not the easiest. I rock, I hold, I sing, I cuddle... but as some point she HAS to get used to her bed or it will just get worse... so here I sit trying not to go into the room, watching her on the video monitor throw her pillow out, lay down, sit up, lay down, puller her dress over he head, rub her eyes... and cry.

I will stay strong...
Megan posted this on her blog and I think it looks like fun and a great idea. It's an open house but blogger style. Count me in! More to come about this.


Actually that's on the "to do list" is to get the Christmas decor out and get going...

Something that I was reminded of this morning, after all the flour settled from the thanksgiving feasting.... we have a feast with the Lord that is coming. It's going to be all we are hoping and waiting for and enduring for. It will be the sweetest meal, to just drink Him in, taste how good His many blessings are. It will be more filling to see Him in His glory than any thing on earth we could ever eat. Do we plan and fast and wait and anticipate THAT meal? When Christ will be the host? When He will call us to the table to rejoice in reuniting with Him? I don't think I will or want to look at any meal the same again.

Kehnley is sleeping soundly in her bed.... it only took 30 minutes. Thank you Jesus.

I can't sign off wihout pics! Here are the pies i made for thanksgiving. One Chocolate Mereign and the other is my new fav. Cherry.

Oh yeah, and look at this little Turkey!! I could just gobble her up


MegCherry said...

Will you come to San Antonio and take our Christmas picture?

Your pies look yummy and so does your turkey.

Ingram Gang said...

Pretty pies!
You are such an artist.