Bun in the Oven....

Not my oven of course :)

Here are pics of Kaytlin Elizabeth Hall...

Jeanae is so in love!! I love to see their facial expressions in these photos.

It make me ache hold my own baby more!! Pour Kehnley kept getting pretty jealous of all the attention going toward this sweet baby... she made sure to sit in my lap the whole time I was holding Ms. Kayt just to make sure everyone knew who belonged to her, little miss priss.

Se actually told Kandace "no ma'am" tonight lol.

PS. the Tree and Christmas Decoration Extravaganza at our house has been going on for way too long... I am still not done ( and yet I am distracted by blogging!) shocking!

This is us shopping for our tree last night!

Yeayy we found it!! This is the one...So TALL!

Just a little sneeky peaky of what I added to our tree... I love going though all the ornaments, so many memories... this pic is from our couples shower.

What was cool was, as I was decorating our tree I had the TV on the Christmas music station... and it was a blessing to get to worship Christ and the joy He brought to His people on that quiet, dark night.

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Brian and Kyndra said...

Did you take those pictures of Katylin? They are awesome! I might have to hire you:)

No, Oliver is not a family name. Brian mention it a while back. I wanted to name our boy after my dad and since he is a huge farm boy at heart and loves Oliver tractors we decided it would be a good name. Kinda weird, I know!