Stop and Smell the Roses

Kehnley is now 18 months old... she is a VERY expressive little girl, sometimes I forget that she is just a baby still. She is so sure of herself and so smart and she has atitude in everything that she does. She give the best kisses....and I mean for everything and everyone. She makes a dramatic "muaw" noice when she gives them, or sometimes if she's being sneeky she just purses those lips and leans in... if you are lucky you will see it coming and meet her half way and she smiles.

She knows what "say cheese means" and she poses for a pic!

She said the following words over thanksgiving weekend... she is just now sarting to really use her words and she signs for food, outside, dada, hi ( and says the word especially to Lilly) more, no no, bird.

she said Jussy ( for justin)

Papa ( for my dad)

Da-di instead of dada


No Ma'am

No No (can you tell it's her favorite word)

Three ( she was counting with a bird on TV)

she makes all animal noises my new favorite is for a turtle... it's "durth durth durth" which means "turtle turtle turtle" like Bry and I say it.

Jew (juice)

Dee (drink)

Uh-ew ( uh oh)

Pree ( pretty, said only for flowers)

She always makes the surprised sound when she sees something she really likes

Wow Wow- said for a dog, or when she slips and falls or watches Wow Wow Wubsey (sp)

Here she is smelling flowers, something I had to do all the time for weeks to keep her from picking all the blooms off the flowers in our backyard, she finally caught on and LOVES to do it.


MegCherry said...

I'm expecting her to say Megan next time I see her.
Can't wait for the Bowl game :)

The Blowey Bunch said...

me too!! :) to both :0) haha