Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!!

So I am working on this project, Christmas project to be exact, plus Christmas cards and shrinky dinks of course and I am just so anxious right now in this moment to get to spend every day with my KiKi Bee. She fought the Christmas photos and it made us laugh so hard..... I will post the good ones later, just needed to savor this first....

Christmas was eye opening as usual and it really made me want to establish traditions that will hold when traditions we have now change. My Paw Paw reads from the bible the Story of Christ's birth and tells an amazing story of God's goodness and grace and desire for relationship...and how the night that God sent Christ into the world and poured open heaven onto some lonely quiet shepherds and let them see the glorious army of the Lord, it was the start of something big, so big we still don't understand it... the start of a love story we always wanted but don't understand. He then shares with us some true to life experience of His own about how that love story has played out for part of his own life... this year it was how his own father came to know the Lord from a little miracle. I love hearing his "God stories" they inspire me and make me want to recount my own. One thing he said was repeated in Narnia on the trip... which was that God, angels, chances to experience Christ will come NOT when you are trying to make them happen, but when your least expecting them YET waiting in expectation.

New Years resolution... to live that way... not expecting God to do something great as if I deserve it, but always anticipating that something great IS about to happen, my eyes will be open and ready and I will be so familiar with His word that I will be tuned into His ways and words and work and I won't miss it. I will not be distracted by the foggy stuff of this world and the blur of temporary things... no, I will we clear headed and fully fixed on the creator of all things and opportunity to see His glory will arise. In the mean time I am going to try my best to teach my little girl how to get to know Him.

Here are some highlights from this years celebrations...

PS. my projects turned out great and as usual the most meaningful gifts were the ones that cost close to nothing but took a lot of time and were sentimental. next year we are doing things differently, speaking of traditions.... we are starting one. No more of these Christmases with so many presents you can't really remember who gave you what. We are sticking to three. 1 from wealth ( something you buy) 1 from the heart (something sentimental, thoughtful) 1 from the hands (something you make). More traditions to come.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year... we are partying it up at the Cotton Bowl New Years Eve Party with our friends on an amazing Anniversary Trip... more to come on that. (pictures included of course)

Blessings! ................................. time for bed

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