I was home sick with a serious sinus infection and ear ache, my head and body was hurting so bad I thought I had the flu. Kehnley had the sniffles all day as well. We both decided it was a fine time to take a nap... the house was a cave, the only light was the dim glow of the Christmas three... I just love having no lights on in the house but the tree... it was windy and freezing outside. Let the napping begin! After a few hours we both woke up and I was getting Ms. Sniffles McEye Rub out of bed and I saw it... SNOW!!!! I stared jumping up and down and Kehnley joined me.. not sure what the excitement was, but once I said the words "outside" she was getting her shoes. Needless we say we needed a lot more on than just shoes. Twenty minutes and three layers of shirt, fleece pants, fleece Jacket, changed socks... oh wait, gotta change the diaper, off comes the fleece pants, off comes the socks ( she pulled them off on the changing table) over head goes the fleece jacket, she is screaming b/c it's stuck on her head... i pull the fleece jacket back down, change the diaper, redress the toes and the legs... AND NOW we are out the door. camera CHECK, hat (mine not hers) CHECK, shoes.... "Kehnley, why did you take off your shoes sweetie, we have to wear shoes to go outside." She grabs a cracker and out we go...

Noses running as fast as our legs to feel he snow that's falling from the sky.

Say Bye-Bye Kehnley, time to go inside!

And when we came in.. Kehnley stole my strawberry Popsicle... It was a great day to be home sick.

At least she did share a little of it with me after she was done... ok off to bed, hope I get feeling better so I can get us all outfitted for our Christmas pic. (this year's is FULL of HIDDEN, TACKY surprises!)


the Gray's said...

I just came across your blog, it was so neat to see what you have been up to! Kehnley is BEAUTIFUL. Can you believe Jordan and I have TWO kids now? Its crazy how fast life changes.

The Blowey Bunch said...

life does fly by and it's a wonder that we can capture moments here and there as much as we do...I am glad to see another growing family loving the Lord and EXCITED about this great task we have as parents!
Be blessed!