Feb Fast Vol. 3!

Delightful weekend... I hosted a table at the lady's Delight
Dinner at my church. You choose a scripture to base your
table off of and then you can invited friends or have open
spots to let ladies come and eat dinner and then we have
a time of worship and a speaker. A lot of the men at the
church serve the meal. It's always a really great night to
fellowship and grow and just see some cool creative women
at their best! Well, it was something I have done the past
three years ad this year I had my verse decided early. It's
Isaiah 43:18 "Forget the former things, do not dwell in the
past. See I am doing a new thing, don't you see it? I am
making streams in the wastelands and rivers in the desert."

My table had a marshmallow tree in the middle and real
sticks and daisies and a kind of an outdoor pic-nick feel to it.
I was really excited to share this verse with so many of my
good friends who were able to come. I wanted to encourage
them with what I felt God was sharing with me... to keep my
mind focused on the future hope I have in Christ and not on
things that are behind me. God can make something out of
nothing and He has given me great joy to keep trusting in
the future. I learned from the speaker that night, Jeanette
Cliff George: who is ridiculously funny and confident in her
imperfections.... that God has very different but grander
plans for our lives than we can imagine... not a new concept,
but one that in different seasons of life can mean new and
wonderful things. Here are some images from that night...

The Next morning I was able to experience an awesome thing....I had a chance to run with my two all time favorite running buddies Jen and Ans. It was a really casual fun run. The rodeo 5k actually. I had a great time and was GENUINELY shocked to see Bry and Kehnley
and Terry a few blocks from the finish line... this face is REALLY in shock!!

Of course we had to get our post-run snack on, pics with the fans and a tumble in on Kehnley's fav. public art hangout in Houston...

There's a Fast February for you, it sure flew by!

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