Big Girl Bed

Kehnley had her first night in a big girl bed tonight. It was SO hard for me to put her in there, I just really struggled with it being time or not. But Bry reminded me of how we would need the next 4 weeks to get her used to it and give her full attention to the change before Sadie comes. So we spent the night getting the bed in place and rearranging furniture and it looks great, a few things to do to feel totally DONE but they are going to have to get my attention later.
Here is the old room....

nursey 2

Here is the new room....



IMG_9050-2 IMG_9056-2
IMG_9059-2 IMG_9044-2


She really loves it and we made it like a HUGE deal, telling everyone having her show everyone, really praising her for getting to have this big bed.

Time comes to try it out, we get bath, pick out a few books and the ritual begins, we read two books, sang a few songs, prayed together and got all her babies tucked in... she seamed okay and I told her daddy and I were going to sleep too after daddy got out of the shower. So I leave and daddy had turned on a night light (placing it behind her doll house which REALLY freaked me out lol, but Kehnley didn't seam to mind...)

A few sec go by and she comes walking out of the room "good morning mom"

well, it wasn't morning I tell her and walk her back to bed. The next time I leave the room and go to find Bry looking at her on the video monitor... we see her push back the covers, slide down the back of the bed and her little head bobbing as she is walking to the door... lol we cant stop laughing! I quickly run and do the "Risky Business" slide to meet her in the hallway "what are you doing out of bed I say" she replies "hey mom", and then turns around and gets back in bed. Two more times we watch as she gets out of bed, head bobs to the door but then she turns and goes to get back in bed before coming out. The breaking point was when she turns to her stuffed animals sharing the covers with her and says in a cracking almost cry voice "mom will be here in a minute" Bry couldn't take it, he goes to lay down with her for a bit. After a little while I went and got him and she cried for a bit but stayed in bed. It's now night three and she has slept every night in her bed.... of course as soon as 7:30 hits and the "sun is awake" she runs into our room to let us know its morning :)

It's turning out better than I thought... but man those mornings are coming early :) We are back to locking ourselves in our bedroom after putting baby girl to sleep to give her the impression that all the world is sleeping when she is.


Jeremy and Jeanae said...

love her mural and new bed! you did an awesome job! miss ya friend.

Blake said...

I love it! Did you paint the tree? I am guessing yes since you are so talented, but I love it and it would be lovely in what I am envisioning in Kayt's big girl room.

p.s. don't you love all that you see in the vidoe monitor? :)

Ingram Gang said...

Ooops, the last comment was from me. Apparently my brother signed in without me knowing. Sorry