Under Construction

There are so many things that fall into this category right now... we just finished getting Christmas decor put away and the house somewhat in place again... where to put all K's new toys? This blog site for one, it's a new year already and time to take off the Christmas look. There are so many pics sitting on my camera waiting to be loaded and tweaked. ( i know it doesn't sound very important but with 30 days left til a new baby comes, those that have other kids will understand the need to go ahead and organize pics ALREADY taken to get ready for more memories to be recorded, because lets face it I wont have anytime to do it the first few months after! I got a flip and have started recording some great videos... uploading to be done there too!

We have moved Kehnley into a big girl bed and her room is still under construction...painting to be done, new routines to be made... and door knobs to be changes! We have those kinds with longer handles that she can open and shut on her own, but they aren't on yet so we are just leaving the door cracked for now, yet to see how the morning workout will work with this new bedroom set up :). Sadie's room is full of furniture to move and the garage has furniture to be stained and put together. Tomorrow we go to get a new baby bed.... so when I say "Under Construction"... there is SO much to DO that's all I keep thinking, not to mention bags for the hospital to pack, some custom art for the girls rooms to do, and a few last minute things to sew and get done for Sadie's bedding and curtains and all that.

BUT, in the midst of all this "to do-ing" and the things that wake me at 3 am... God keeps reminding me that all this is so trivial and unimportant in the long run, as I spent a few hours in the ER with Bryson on Thursday because he had crazy high blood pressure, fever, and growing pain in his side. We have yet to get a true diagnosis, but we are going to some other docs tomorrow I hope. This is NOT at all of equal importance and Bry is going to find it crazy that I mention it in the same category but even the DOG has to go to the vet bc she jumped out of the car and hurt her leg... like I said, NOT equal importance, but she is still limping around and throwing up or "blahhhh-ing" as Kehnley says, but I don't think we have enough money in the account to cover what the vet would want to even treat her.... I'm kind of at a loss of what to do about that.

So, while all these things big and small are on my long list of what to do in the next month, some needing more attention than others God gave me with scripture:
Proverbs 4:25-27
"Look straight ahead and fix your eyes on what lies before you. Mark out a straight path for your feet; then stick to the path and stay safe. Don't get side tracked, keep your feet from evil."

One of the greatest evils I could fall to in this time that I know so many struggle with especially in times of chaos or a lot of things going on, planning to do, life change... is the temptation to think that it can all be done alone, that it's more important than growing with the Lord, or that it's something that you share your attention and affection for the Lord with. I don't want a divided heart, I don't want to worship created things instead of the creator... I don't want to fill my heart and mind with worldly things and wonder why I am so frazzled. I think of Shirley, the woman who stands on the corner of a major freeway in our city who is homeless, she has a nervous pacing and who is cold tonight with no bed, no food, and no family to my knowledge and I think of the things that I spend my time worrying about, how silly are they compared to her needs? I want to remember that. My heart is under construction and I am praying God clear out all distractions to make room for only one thing... Himself.

This post is kind of all over the place, but I guess that's where I am right now. In short I realized this weekend the things that really do matter to me most, are not getting my full attention, and I am grateful that God opened my eyes to that. Time to change.


The Barfuss Family said...

Girl - I needed to hear that same thing. Thanks for sharing. In the meantime, please let me know if I can help with something as you wrap up all the details before Sadie's arrival. Would love to lend a hand if there is something I can do.

The Blowey Bunch said...

thanks so much, I will definitly keep you posted, we are just in prep mode right now, we are out of town this weekend for our anniversary but we're just doing what we can! :)