Bath time at the sink

bath time



I am just amazed at how much you can love a person. She's soon to be a big sister, she is stunning and everything she does, even then she throws a fit... she's irresistable.

Kehnley's top Favorite things... the "best ever" as she calls them...

best ever movie- Tinker Bell

best ever friend- Mommy and sometimes daddy when she's not see him much like this week because he's been working so hard!

best ever pressent - the Carebear Sharebear workout talking bear Lyndz just gave her and her caboodle full of lipsticks

best ever time - morning time when the "suns gets up"

best ever play- stopping at the play ground on our walks and me watching from she side until she needs to slide down the pole (no really im not allowed on the wood chips unless needed for this important task)

best ever food - hotdogs and mac-e-cheeseeee with ketch up of course. Daddy just introduced corndogs and it's a whole new world of mistery meat shapped like a finger

best ever drink - spicy drink AKA 3 parts water + 1 part juice + 1 part sprite zero.... thanks Jen for introducing sprite zero lol, but it's only on REALLY special occasions. other wise best ever drink - milk

best ever church - when we pull into the parking lot she gets so excited and screams "this CHURCH!" she loves to "play with friends" at church and "help God"

best ever bed - her new bed is a fav. place for napping, jumping, spinning and falling, sleeping at night, reading stories, and tucking in Pinky ( she named Excersizing Sharebear)

best ever dog - Lilly, she hugs and gives kisses.. and them chases and kicks sometimes too... it's a love/hate relationship

best ever dance - when we turn on music or have family night and dance around the house and stand on the "stage" which is where ever she is standing or on the couch(she's recently added the robot to her mad dance skills)

best ever show - newest favortites are Charlie and Lola, and Imagination Movers

best ever shirt - the Hello Kitty shirt her Fancy recently bought her, she would wear it everyday if she could

best ever moment - when she gives me a big hug and calls me her "Beeest friend"

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Jennifer said...

I promise Sprite Zero is the "spiciest" drink I will ever introduce to Kehnley. :)