Happy Love Day!

Please enjoy this super cheesy love-y dove-y slide show of OUR Love Day!
(hope yours was just as pink and purpley!)

Top 5 fav Love Day moments:
(in no particular order)
5. Bry and I going to see Wonderland
4. Getting to make the dining room look like pink hearts just threw up everywhere
3. Watching Kehnley's face as she searched the house guided by a red ribbon for dollar gift items (thank you Target)
2. Eating the best homemade lasagna I've had in a long time: via Aunt Becky! (gotta get that recipe)
1. Opening all the goodies my honey bought me and spending the night with the ppl I love the most...
Extra one? Of course, making valentines for all the kiddos in the neighborhood and delivering them door to door with Kehnley, and mostly... hearing her say " happy love day" for the next ten days AFTER Valentines day :)

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