Planned on loading all my pics from February and editing all the ones that I love best
Planned on taking "Month Day' pics of Sadie on her ACTUAL month day & having a mini photo shoot
Planned on working out for and hour three times this week
Planned on cooking some new meals and having a little fun in the kitchen with Kehnley
Planned on serving some sweet friends who need
Planned on play dates probably 4 different times
Planned on going to the park across town to let Kiki play
Planned on keeping my milk supply going strong so I'd have plenty reserved
Planned on spending some much needed quality time with my husband

But when your whole family including your newborn gets a virus that has them throwing up every meal, and diarrhea for a week, when you are the mom and you get food poisoning and then get what they have which feels like you've been hit by a bus, I guess that's why they call it a stomach FLU, there is nothing that you can really think about except pray and pray that your little ones will be able to keep food down because you see the red rings around their eyes and you look at their sad faces and know they feel as terrible as you but can't say they do. Nothing else really matters: not even the 15th load of laundry you've done to try and sterilize from the sickness everyone has, or the fact that you've not slept but 2 hrs at nap time (praise the Lord) because you've been feeding your new baby every hour to keep her from throwing up. The ache in your back from working out too hard too early and feeling your spine numb from where the epidural was given you 4 weeks ago because you've been lifting more than you should doesn't matter either...you may not have eaten at all today yet because you were too busy trying to make sure your children were taken care of and your hands were clean and all that to say this is STILL nothing compared to the hardships that so many other people are facing and the trials that people we know are having to deal with. a wise friend reminded me that hopefully all this will be over in a week and things will seem somewhat normal again... I think of those that aren't as lucky to say that. their trials won't be over in a week, or even months and I am convicted for even thinking about all the silly things we want to do in a day and all the worries we have that are pretty small in comparison.

God today be with those families that are in a trial and are struggling to just get through the next 24 hrs. You have given me a small glimpse into what that kind of existence would look like... trying to get through the next 24 hrs, or the next meal time. Provide for their needs, provide for our needs, but most of all be glorified in all the earth.

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