You had me at butter...

Enticed once again by Paula Deen, with a way of her wand (her stick o butter) and the magic words (HOWDY ya'll!) We have succumbed to her spell of good grub that's not to nice to the backside! But it was too de-lish to pass up. A few months ago Missy gave me a recipe for some yum-o cinnamon rolls. Paula kicked it into buttery overdrive by adding a layer of butter and sugar to the pan before putting the rolls in.... what resulted was amazing!
It didn't take too long to recreate the recipe, sorry no low fat version here, just go for an extra mile run and you'll be covered!

Paula's Cinnamon Rolls


Get the recipe here

Kehnley added her own special touch, and these cinnamon rolls quickly became cinnamon cakes!
Enjoy!! (I know we did, it's always nice to have a sweet splurge!)



Aunt Becky's Lasagna

1/2 lb. groundmeat
16 oz. cottage cheese
Lasagne Noodles
8 oz. Mosserella Cheese
1 medium size Ragu spaghetti sauce

Cook noodles and brown meat, add Ragu, season well and simmer 20 min. In large pan put layer of meat sauce, noodles, cottage cheese, another layer of noodles rest of meatsauce and put mozarella cheese on top. Bake for 25 minutes @ 350.

(*I put the noodles on bottom to help it hold together better when I scoop it out of the pan, just spray some Pam olive oil in the bottom of the pan first)

A little extra love for Jen, I know you are a fan of the pasta like myself :) and you can totally make this healthier for you with a little Barilla wheat pasta and low fat versions of cheese. I make my own sauce and add some fresh oregano and parsley and basil, BUT this will give Cody a run for his plate and make you look like the rock star cook you are :) All you need is a pan and start layering!! (I know it takes a LITTLE longer than a skillet sensation throw it on the stove and heat for ten minutes... BUT it's a Sat. meal for you)

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