Recap: Sadie's First Birthday Party!

Birthday party Agenda:

1. visit with family and friends and see how cute you are in your lady bug outfit and hat!
2.play a good old fashioned game of lady bug hunt with your lady bug jars
3. pass out antenas for the birthday song
4. get distracted with playing in the baby kitchen for a bit
5. cry for a cupcake before the birthday song get us under way
6. eat a cupcake like a bro with red and black icing all over your face (and sissy's too!)
7. open so many wonderful presents, wow, you are going to have a fun time with these...
8. pull off your birthday hat and get ready to play with all your new gifts!
9.watch some flipping lady bugs, and wave good bye to all your guests
10. clap for a great party and get ready for another nap, I'm one tired birthday girl!!

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