Precious ones

Here is a sneaky peeky at some pics of some girls that are super special to us!

baby Kairi Ann and her sweet cheeks...



...and cousin Addy, who has a birthday coming up!

addy edit soft IMG_3619     IMG_3605

...then there is the wild child with a smile that can melt my heart!

IMG_3343 IMG_3048 IMG_3100

And this little sassy pants always full of surprises :)

IMG_2991 IMG_2961
IMG_3178 IMG_3185 IMG_3194
Kehnley modeling her new rodeo get up...the middle on is the "im a texan model with attitude, watch out Gisele"
Ps. I am not a photographer, I just love the way these girls make memorable moments I can't help but try to freeze and keep them forever

I almost forgot! Kehnley so happy to have her "baby friend from china" here :)


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