Boot Scoot and Poopy!

Yay for friends who have family that shows cattle at the Houston Rodeo!  We were like VP backstage passeres on this wild west adventure!  4 things amazed me....
1. my kids wanted to lay on the cows not just pet them
2. they survived even barfing in the car on the way there, having to buy new clothes and target in the interesting side of the reliant center end of town, and napping in the stroller or not at all (kehnley) and getting home after 12 hrs of rodeoing!
3.we bought K a new rodeo outfit for when she goes with Granny and Grandaddy tomorrow and it cost me less that 50 bucks!
4.I ate the entire plate of my fav in the whole world (waited for 7 minutes for it to cook) spinach Alfredo pizza from the Burger Shack and don't regret it one bit!

We had a blast and here is why!!

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