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I am seeing first hand the truth in all the parenting and mentoring books out there that teach us there is just something about the relationship between a girl and her daddy...

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They may depend on mama all day, but there is just something about daddy! This weekend we had a girls weekend in San Antonio for Megan's shower and it was time away from our kids, husbands,  and fiancees: it was a time of really fun catching up, bonding, laughing, eating, Jillian Micheals working out all in the living room (6 girls, one tv, one moved couch, and a pregnant belly) air mattress room camp out...I certainly am regretful I didnt take a pic of our camp out room!  But the weekend did much more than refresh my spirit, it gave my husband a time with his children that he rarely gets.  I would be bold enough to say its something that he AND the girls needed desperately.  Only they will know all that went on that weekend.  One thing happened for sure, Bry was spoken to by God and I hope that He will get the change to share what that encounter did for Him.

Getting back in town and hearing about what happened to him this weekend made me very aware of a deep need that I have either been blind to or just ignoring.  I pray FAR MORE for other people than I do for my husband, I cry ut to God and my heart breaks for my friends, my family, those who are sick, struggling, afraid, in need... all the while I think he's fine, great, spiritually sound and able!  (if you know him at all you would assume the man hadn't a need or want for anything and he's the most together person you'd ever meet)  God convicted me greatly of my neglect to be praying, not for our marriage, my husband, the girls daddy, but just Bryson, just him alone-- the person that God made apart from all the titles he holds.  So here in lies the challenge, to not think of ourselves or our need, our our marriage, or our home, or our kids, but our husbands and how we might spur them on toward love and good deeds.  Heb 10:24
Thankfully I have a friend who walks us through it--this is the challenge I am starting today!
Operation TYMJ-Take Your Man to Jesus

Speaking of feeding the spirit lets talk feeding the belly too! I just happen to be married to a chocoholic and decided I need to get this book ALSO about Father's and Daughters by Gweneth My Father's Daughter because it has healthy versions of foods like THIS----it: looks like I need to add it to my bday list :)


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