An amazing illustrator and a book that might be JUST what we need...

I follow the illustrator of this book on her blog and it just turns out that a good thing JUST got better!  I love her ideas for cool pics, art, kids projects.  But when i saw that she was one of my fav illustrators and had helped to illustrate THIS book several things began to stir...
1. I wish that I had written and illustrated this book myself :)
2. As an artist who is far too busy with teaching/lesson plans and molding young minds and cleaning dishes I really admire a woman doing all this AND finding time for her passion (which also happens to be her job how awesome is that!) ... I trust Gods season for this time of my life and know there will be a day when I can take on all the things he's given me in my heart and with my hands to do
3. I hope one day to read this to my girls!!

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