Wild Child

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Its amazing how a sweet little petite thing can be such a WILD CHILD!

Sadie you almost got really hurt twice in two weeks and I am amazed at the protective hedge that God has had to put up around you! I pray for it all the time and I now know why I feel so compelled to do so!

You were locked in your high chair and somehow climbed out and over the top edge and stepped down to the chair and sissy's table and were sitting on the floor after mom had to make an emergency drank way too much water run to the bathroom trip!
(ill never do THAT again!)

You were sleeping in your bed so soundly and daddy had come home early from work and sissy was at Fancy's house and i thought this girl is sleeping so good i need to check on her i looked on the monitor and couldn't see you, which happens sometimes when you are standing near the edge by the door, but i didnt see your little legs moving and there as a clock from the night stand in your bed...gotta move that out asap.... THEN i hear a "knock knock heeeaa heaaaa" loud over and over...i thought it was daddy from outside, about to asking him to quiet down, instead i walk to your room to my SURPRISE it was YOU! You had climbed outof your bed, were standing at the door of your room (for who knows how long) and were hitting it to knock and yelling for someone to come get you. In hand you had a top to the Vicks Vapor Rub and some vapor goo on your lip, awesome--you ate vicks?

On Thursday of the week before you were out side with addy and Kehnley and aunt Kandace and me, playing so nicely in your ittle house and running around... we were taking pics for addy's bday invite and you were right by mommy and i put both hands on the camera and tried to fix addy's hat and then heard this woooooshhhhing noise sounded like a plane was flying overhead.... and look up to my shock/horror and you are feet up, smile bigger than Dallas, squealing at the top of your voice flyin down the slide at me! I just by instinct reached my hand out to catch your head in my hand as you flew off the end of the slide or downward slope to death as i call it! I had apparently climbed the ladder all by yourself and slid down in an instant! ( I am so thankful that any of the other things that my mind thought of that could have happened to you....didnt!)

No wonder I am always on the run :) chasin my baby girl!

~You are 14 months today, kind of a random number but age wise it means you are getting close and closer to being more and more (as we can tell from these stories) independent.

~You love to sing "I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy..." I know you want to sing it when you say "thoy thoy thoy thoy" :) you also love the abc's the itsy bitsy spider, and to be outside... all the time... like all. the. time. I cant let lilly out without you running full force at the door to get out before i close it. you're like a house cat that cant wait to escape :)

~You love to read in the car especially you sit front now like a big girl and jam out.

Something super cute and new you do is to walk around in your toes, its the cutest thing ever and your dancing had reached new levels of dips and bends

~You get swaying side to side and really drop down low and get into the music, anything on the ipod with a good beat, but not limited to that, also the "fridge dj" rickin the beats to "old mcdonald" or "birdy bye bye" lol

~You like putting tops on things and turning lights on and off.

Your fav toy is clearly the slide see story above!

Sissy is really concerned about your safety every time we are around a playground, has started sharing her foods with you (you both started eating eggs for breakfast this month, crazy right?! And she gives you hugs and you really love it...unless she holds to long then you give her the strong arm but its the most wonderful thing i have ever seen, it melts my heart to see you girls sharing and loving on each other!

Even Kehnley (who is clearly going through a growth spurt bc at breakfast she ate yogurt, fruit, milk, eggs, granola bar---and then asked me when snack was!) was playing with blocks and you were coming her way to knock them down your fav thing but drives her crazy and you started to but stopped and just bumped into them with your wobble and she didnt freak out! It was a miracle! She just say "watcha doin gurrlll" and tickled your tummy....I have been praying for exchanges like that for 14 months! :) It was def. awesome and gave me home that ya'll are going to get along JUST fine!

words-- you make the sounds for thank you, you can say Dada, you knock on the door with your hand flat and say hey!, you say hi and bye, wave and blow kisses, you started giving kisses aka: open mouth lean in, you color with chalk and eat it sometimes too, liddy (lilly dog), addy=passie, shake your head and hands for "finished" when your done with being in your high chair (or you just scream...you have always been pretty vocal about food my love...just like your :)mama!)

when you smile, it's with your whole being....I can listen to you make yourself laugh in the car forever! Especially when you are trying to keep sissy from a "frumpy" aka grumpy mood...

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