I know some say it's unlucky... but 13 is one of my VERY lucky numbers!

This blog entry is long over due in that I feel like I haven't talked about the baby that is Sadie in a while!  (and it keeps me from eating the rest of my salad from Taco Bell... yeah, i know, why there!?  No clue!  Anyway, the things we do when kids gotta get home for naps... ok!)

Here goes 13 things that make me lucky to be your mom Sadie bug!
1. You play in your bed EVERY morning, sure you cry for a sec but then play and talk and you have NO idea but I secretly watch you and laugh on the monitor bc your so cute!
2. Your smile with those 6 teethies all beaming make me melt
3. You are not afraid of anything and you go for it...even to the edge of the driveway. ok so that's not my favorite thing right now...but I am sure I will love that later in life :)
4.You are a foodie like your mama and will try anything ONCE, but mostly a second and third time too
5.You used to point at pics of da-da and say his name, but now you are pointing at everything calling it da-da so we are starting to wonder...does she know what da-da is? lol
6. When you say "HI" in your high pitched voice and crunch your fingers to wave, LOVE IT!
7. You started the baby kiss of big mouth to eat you kiss I forgot I loved so much with Kehnley!!
8. Your little body sitting forward in a big girl seat...it's definitely made the car appear smaller and I love looking in my mirror to your sweet face!
9. Watching that sly look come over you when you are about to do something so bad... and then like a Tasmanian devil you run off in freakishly fast speed for a baby and I can barely catch up!
10. Listening to your sweet voice singing songs only the angels know the words to, I could get used to that
11. Watching you slip onto your tummy in the tub and kick your feet like a teenager at the pool, it's a hoot and you think you are so cute with your cheeky grin you give every time you do that, or lay back and let the water get on your hair.
12. When I hold you and you still snuggle your face under my skin and let me give kisses on your head and brush your hair with my hand...I love that clean baby smell!
13. Watching you sit on the couch with your drink and snack by sissy like a big girl, like your friends, like you are growing so fast right before my eyes...slow down baby girl! slow down :)

One awesome thing, one scary thing, one funny thing:
*you started sleeping so good in your bed since we added a fluffy pillow!
*you already tried to run away when Lilly was out doing doggy stuff you cracked the door open and snuck down the drive while mommy was left clueless tending to supper and a lady had to come to the door and tell me that "is this your baby out here, i just saw her walking in the yard"...i cried instantly and thanked God for the lady who strangely enough didn't pick you up and bring you to me but left you clapping happily at your escape by the bushes!
*you like you bounce,with no actual air time mind you, on sissy's bed then fall back like her, except your fall is less graceful more like a plop on the bottom then a lay backwards... then you laugh at yourself! its awesome!! must get that on video!

Sadie i adore you, I am so thankful that you are so perfectly you and unlike anyone else.  I want you to know how unique and special you are and how from day one you have been training me in faithfulness.  thank you for letting me play with you, hold you, read you stories, turn pages for you and lay on my back with you flying overhead.  Thank you for being determined and resilient, headstrong but sweet as can be.  God will use those gifts and personalities for Him, I can't wait to see it.  In the mean time I pray you get to know the world around you with joy and patience...and please don't snatch from Kehnley anymore and pull her hair, she's really having a hard time with that.  I love you so much and I can't wait to see what all you will do in the weeks ahead.
Words & sounds: da-da, hi, rrrrrarrrr, mooooo, quack quack, signing more and finished, uh-oh, tank eww(thank you) and giving kisses and blowing kisses too ---- i forgot that one, my def. fav!
Love you

9 months

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11 months

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13 months

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