Hebrews 12:1

It's official... Bry and I signed up this weekend for the half marathon on January 18th. There is no turning back now! 13.1 miles to go :) What a great way to spend our 3rd anniversary! We've been training for a few weeks now and as time goes on we get more and more excited about it. I have trained before, but it's so fun getting to do it together. What makes it even more exciting is that we get to run for a cause! Bry is running for Alzheimer's in memory of his Grandpa Blowey who he loved very much and passed away a few years back. I am running for Multiple Sclerosis for a friend of ours Erin and my Aunt Beth who currently suffer from this illness. There is a growing awareness of MS but there is still much to be done in research for new treatments and cures to BOTH these illnesses. They are so dear to our hearts and it's just one small thing we can do to support and love on people in our lives and in the lives of those around us who are affected by Alzheimer's and MS. We will be sending out an email in the fall about how you can support us in fundraising for each of these.

In the meantime, Kehnley is getting to experience a lot of bumpy roads to the finish line as we take her in her stroller while we train :) She loves it though, she hangs over the edge to see us as we run...

On another note we have two exciting events we are waiting on and anticipating this summer...

The wedding of these to special ladies and their lucky beaus....

Ansley and Terry

Amy and Landry


MegCherry said...

Hey girl. How was Kehnley's first 4th....did the clowns scare her?

thanks for the running tip. I think my main problem is running in humidity because in Amarillo I had no problems breathing. I miss dry heat!

My fuel belt is great and it doesn't slow me down. But I'm really not used to something about my waist. I prefer the belt over my camelback though. The Camelback makes my back sweat soo much! YUK!

Texture pictures? Is that what you did to Ansley and Amy's picture? If so cool!

Congrats on signing up for your Marathon! Which one are you doing? That's awesome that Bryson is doing it with you! Are you running with a team or just in honor of someone?

Jeremy Rhodes said...

good for you:) wish i was so brave....
hey, how do you put the funky borders on your pics? i have photoshop but can't figure out how to do it!
write me back! thx-