Oh say can you see......

So for the 4th this year we had a back yard bbq with the fam. Very low key, very relaxing. It was the first weekend for Bry to be home the whole weekend in a LONG time! Kehnley enjoyed swimming and we fired up the grill... I even made a 4th of July Trifile in honor of all our friends, Megan especially :) No worries there was no jam or beef sauted with peas....What do you think meg?

Kehnley had so much fun in the pool hanging out with some of her favorite men!!

Daddy and Papa

This is her on her splash pad we got for her on her birthday... she loves it! (even if she doesn't look like it here haha)

Look at that Elvis Lip

She actually had so much fun she didn't even make it through dinner one of the nights!

We actually are leaving for vacation to Destin for a whole week! We can't wait... summer keeps rolling on! I wonder how Kehnley will like she sand and beach? But first stop...Ansley's bach party is this up coming weekend. I can't wait to see all my girls!!

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