14 weeks

14 week Development

Well we made it to the second trimest and everyone is doing great. My little lemon is cooking away. Everything I read on the size of the baby says they are the length of a lemon and weighs 1 1/2 once! My brother asked me a week ago "How are you rocking the belly already?" would have made my normal fragile ego of having a flat stomach cringe but happily I said "well I AM about to be in my second trimester I think it's okay to have a little belly by now, I was starting to worry the baby wasn't growing!" He was stunned that I was that far along. Time flies for sure and it's hard to remember in baby days just how long it's been since that first phone call to say, guess what..... but here we are, a little belly is starting to show and I am anxious (not too much mind you) for a much bigger bump to have to stretch this really cute sweater I want over it!

Actually shopping has been an easy habit NO obsession to curb for a bit considering my soon to be growing waistline. I did get an urge before a morning workout the other day to see if I could still squeeze into my jeans, and to my surprise they all fit great! (that won't be there for long)

On the other end of things is my excitement to feel the baby move and people ask me all the time "do you have any ideas of what it could be?" I think boy. Bry doesn't think anything yet, he won't until they announce it on Sept 18th and then he'll say "I knew that all along" lol. But I have a few hints to it being a boy

1.no growth in my hips only a little in the belly, with Kehnley I was like baby got even more back, as if that was possible!

2. breakouts, I haven't had them in like 6 years and now I get them all the time!

3. craving for soda...probably 6 years since that too come to think of it, not since my redbull days in college

4.UN emotional, I am not dead inside or anything but with Kehnley I cried ALL the time! not with this one

5.I want Mexican food all the time...I don't know if that's for a girl, a boy, or a little gringo :)

I am sure there are more clues to come, but we will see. Not to mention the several dreams I have had about a boy from the first one that lead me to believe I was pregnant. BUT if it's a girl, we will be so thrilled and I will for sure know first hand that no matter what you are having every pregnancy is different AND we are just asking God for a healthy baby. This certainly won't be the last if its up to us.

So here is the belly at 14 weeks....see, there's a little bump there!! Donna and I both thought I was starting to REALLY show after the Port A trip, turns out it was just a swollen puffy belly from all the sea air because the next morning it was gone! Now here I am a few weeks later, grow baby grow!


Our little baby,

I am praying for you and your little hands to do great and mighty things, your little mind to know and see truth that will enlighten us all, your feet to go places and touch lives that we never dreamed of, and your little heart to experience the Magesty of Christ in such an awesome way that we are forever changed by watching you become who He made you to be. I am praying for you to have dreams of the Beautiful one holding you safe and close while my arms can't hold you and to be whisphering songs in your ears until I can do to the same, and for His face to be a light in your eyes until the day I can see you. I love you so much.


Russ and Kristin said...

I LOL'ed at "a little gringo in there" :)

You look wonderful! Can't wait to find out what's cookin' in there!

Erin DuBroc said...

umm, excuse me, but what belly? seriously...

you look wonderful!

Ingram Gang said...

Congratulations! Enjoy your pregnancy!!!