The Proudest Day in a Man's Life!

**Updated with Pictures!
We pulled up from church today and Bryson broke out in cheers and screams, enough so to put a face of shock on our child lol. You would have thought Publishers Clearing House had come to us with a bundle of balloons and an over sized check, but no no, something even better...there it was, the greatest sight to this man's eyes, a sign that read:


Here is Bry's acceptance speech.

The funny thing is we had JUST gotten the neighborhood news letter and commented on the cover because it was a picture of last months yard of the month. Bry was saying how badly he wanted to be on that little blue pamphlet cover lol. So I thought when we pulled up it was a big joke! Like someone was playing a trick on him! But no, oh man it's like an addiction now, he's not going to stop at just one... I wish they could have picked us in the start of summer when all my flowers looks pretty and blooming, but Bry claims that just gives us something to shoot for next time, it's already begun! Here is the proud master mower standing by his sign, Kehnley got in on the action too!


Meg said...

WAHOOOO! What an honor and an amazing speech! Seriously... YARD of the MONTH! Does it get any better than that? I don't THINK SO! GREAT JOB and CONGRATS!

The Reeves bunch said...

LOL, I couldn't stop laughing at Bryson's acceptance speech. It was so funny! But in all seriousness that is a HUGE honor in a man's life. Congrats Bryson you did an awesome job!!

Scotts Holla said...

Way to go Bryson...great Speech too! What an honor...all the hard work has paid off. Looking forward to seeing the Blowey Bunch soon :)

The Barfuss Family said...

Spencer and I can't believe he left US out of the acceptance speech. After all, the only reason he won was because we KILLED our grass this summer. We're willing to sacrifice that for him. :)

Russ and Kristin said...

I'm not going to pretend there is not some serious jealousy going on over here...we (Russ King) are trying to pray through it though.

Congrats Bryson! Your speech was inspiring!

Tiffany said...

I know we said we make fun of the yard-of-the-month people. In reality, I'm secretly jealous. Wish my yard looked that good. Instead all the flowers are dying and the weeds are way too high. That's what happens when you're crippled! What speach! I really enjoyed it! Hilarious. I'm going to make Jesse watch it when he wakes up!