Some Southern Favorites!

**Updated with Usher Family "fried" Okra & Squash

This is hands down THE best AND easiest Banana Pudding I have EVER made/had!

Aunt Lynn's Banana Pudding
1 lg. box of instant vanilla pudding
1/2 c. non-dairy creamer (powder)
1 can Eagle Brand Condensed milk
3 c. milk
8 oz. cool whip
Vanilla Wafers
3-4 Bananas (cut bite size)

mix all but cool whip for 2 minutes. Layer wafers, bananas, mix (repeat until all the mix is used). Top with cool whip.
YUM! Kehnley calls this banana cake

Bry's fav. Green Beans
(for a boy who used to hate all things green)
Fresh green beans
2 tsp butter
bread crumbs
Season Salt
salt and pepper

Wash and snap ends off green beans (*you can all buy the steam fresh bag OR frozen long cut green beans) Steam them in a steamer, if you don't have a steamer you can use a little bit of olive oil in a pan and cook cover on low-med heat until tender yet with a snap. Remove from steamer OR pan and place in a serving dish, add butter, salt and pepper, Season Salt, and handful of bread crumbs. Mix well, the bread crumbs will lightly coat the green beans and you will see these babies eaten up just as fast as they were made!


A child who licks the cream cheese off a bagel LOVES this!!
Chicken Spaghetti
3-4 boneless skinless chicken breasts (or you can use a whole chicken de-boned) I like only white meat in mine
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. pepper
1 tbs. Tony's Creole Seasoning
1/2 Chopped Onion (*optional when I am preggers not going in there!)
Spaghetti noodles
1 lb. Velveeta cheese (don't accidentally put 2 when you are making the recipe for the first time and make all your friends sick except Ronnie who gobbled all of it up)

1 can of cream of mushroom soup AND 1 can of cream of celery
*OR you can sub both of those for Golden Mushroom and have a little more kick to your dish

Boil Chicken until cooked remove from pot and cut into small pieces
Boil Spaghetti in broth left from chicken.
Melt Velveeta with soup in microwave.
Mix all ingredients together with chicken and spaghetti. Can serve right away OR put in a baking dish and bake @ 450 with a little cheese on top until slightly browned)

Come to think of it I haven't made this in a while, maybe sometime this weekend...

Usher Family "fried" Okra & Squash
(Great Grandma Usher's fried okra is the best!)
frozen or fresh cut okra (thawed)
2 -3 yellow squash chopped into cubes
1/2 med onion chopped
wheat flour (*optional)

In a mixing bowl toss together the veggies an onions, add enough cornmeal and(*optional- just a dash or two of flour) mix with your hands to get it all coated.
Heat olive oil in the skillet but not to where it's smoky, add veggie mix and cover to cook.
Cook on med/high stirring occasionally. Sometimes if it's a big batch I will add it in two parts. Cook until the okra/squash/onion mix is getting crispy and browned like "fried" okra would be. If you need to add more cornmeal, I just add by the handful as it's cooking and toss to make sure it's got everything covered almost. While it's cooking I add the salt and pepper.
Once finished remove from skillet and place on a plate with paper towns to soak up the oil. Add more salt and pepper to taste. Enjoy! Hope your house is smelling like my great grandma's right now :)


Jennifer-Colley said...

I am loving all these recipes! keep them coming!
I need easy recipes for 2! have any of those?

Meg said...

Chicken spaghetti sounds yummy! I think I just might try it!

August said...

wow! those sound yummy! thanks for sharing!